Alexandre Borges filmography

(1998) [movie] Amor & Cia
(1998) [movie] Treason
(2002) [movie] Nelson Gonçalves
(2001) [movie] The Trespasser
(1995) [movie] Foreign Land
(2000) [movie] Até que a Vida nos Separe
(2006) [movie] Zuzu Angel
(1994) [series] Incidente em Antares
(1997) [movie] Mangueira - Amor à Primeira Vista
(2000) [movie] Bossa Nova
(1999) [movie] A Fit of Rage
(2007) [series] Amazonia

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Title Date
Um Copo de Cólera (1999) Aluizio Abranches.DVDRip.CM.lucm
Terra Estrangeira - Foreign Land

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